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Arkansas lawmakers conclude work following approval of tax cuts, education legislation

BY: and - April 7, 2023

From the state’s first female governor to an overhaul of the state’s education system, the 94th General Assembly brought unprecedented change to Arkansas. After three months of work, lawmakers adjourned Friday and plan to return on May 1 for the official end of the legislative session. “It started with a slow trot and ended with […]

Arkansas parole overhaul tweaked after House committee concerns

BY: - April 5, 2023

The sponsor of legislation to restructure Arkansas’ criminal sentencing and parole system made a pair of small changes to the bill after lawmakers raised concerns over a series of hearings the last two days. Under the initial version of Senate Bill 495, negligent homicide would have been upgraded to a felony in all instances, but […]

What is the Protect Arkansas Act?

BY: - March 28, 2023

State lawmakers this week introduced a massive overhaul of Arkansas’ parole system. The 132-page “Protect Arkansas Act” includes “truth-in-sentencing” changes that Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders campaigned on, removing the possibility of parole for those convicted of the most serious crimes. But it also extends the time that nearly all convicted felons must spend in prison […]

Arkansas Attorney General Tim Griffin

Governor-backed bill to change Arkansas’ parole and criminal justice system introduced

BY: - March 27, 2023

Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders on Monday revealed legislation that proposes restructuring Arkansas’ parole system and eliminating parole eligibility for those convicted of the most violent offenses. The new Republican governor also announced that the state would seek to build a new 3000-bed prison. “Truth in sentencing” has been one of Sanders’ main priorities on the […]