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Arkansas AG rejects proposed ballot measure to make abortion access a constitutional right

BY: - November 28, 2023

A proposed constitutional amendment ensuring a limited right to abortion in Arkansas will not appear on the 2024 statewide ballot, Attorney General Tim Griffin wrote in a Tuesday opinion. His seven-page letter to Steven Nichols, the Arkansan who submitted the proposal, pointed out several aspects of the ballot language that Griffin said need clarity or […]

Will abortion be on the ballot in Arkansas? Mystery documents raise possibility

BY: and - August 17, 2023

A pair of proposed ballot initiatives have been submitted to the Arkansas secretary of state to enshrine the right to abortion in the Arkansas Constitution. But that doesn’t mean Arkansans will vote on the measure next year or even be able to sign a petition yet. Mystery surrounds the initiative petitions, which the Arkansas Advocate […]

A year without abortion in Arkansas: more sterilizations and continued struggles in maternal health

BY: and - June 26, 2023

A year after abortion effectively ended in Arkansas, more Arkansans than ever are seeking permanent sterilization, and abortion access groups have seen their costs increase. A renewed focus to implement policies experts say would improve maternal health saw mixed results, and Arkansas’ maternal mortality rate continues to be among the worst in the U.S. Arkansas […]