Alex Brown, Stateline

Alex Brown, Stateline

Based in Seattle, Alex Brown covers environmental issues for Stateline. Prior to joining Stateline, Brown wrote for The Chronicle in Lewis County, Washington state.

Half the nation’s wetlands just lost federal protection. Their fate is up to states.

By: - June 20, 2023

States’ to-do lists just got a little longer: Decide how — or whether — to oversee building, planting and water quality in some wetland areas. Last month, a U.S. Supreme Court decision struck down federal protections for wetlands covering tens of millions of acres across the country, leaving no regulation of those areas in nearly half the […]

Political appointees set state wildlife policy. Critics say that’s a problem.

By: - June 8, 2023

Hunters, tree-huggers and bird-watchers alike think New Mexico’s wildlife management system is broken. This year, they united behind a bill to restructure the state’s Game Commission, which oversees hunting, fishing and other wildlife policies. Over the past several years, the commission has seen numerous appointees submit their resignations or get forced out by Gov. Michelle […]